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Alexandria Ingham

Alexandria Ingham loves writing, especially about history. The Tudors is her favourite time period but she also loves exploring many others who surround, lead to or branch off from that time. Her research has taken her back to Richard II and as modern as Queen Victoria and she loves every minute of it.

She also enjoys writing about beauty tips, technology and business. She owns her own website, where she writes about writing and business tips, and has a website dedicated to helping students "survive" university and graduation.

Alexandria has written three history books and has a fourth in progress. She has also written one fictional short-story, Pinky Promises, and three other short non-fiction books surrounding writing, weight loss and the website, Fiverr.

Alexandria is a full-time mum to her daughter and married in September 2012. Even though she graduated from Aston University in 2009, she is studying Criminology and Psychological Studies through the Open University. She now spends her time finding ways to work full-time, look after her daughter, study and make sure the housework is done. Luckily, she doesn't have to do the cooking!