Alec Surmani

Alec has loved reading and writing since he was a little kid and is always on the lookout for wild new books and ideas to devour. He has an associate degree in journalism from Contra Costa College, a bachelor's degree in English from UCLA, and has written and edited for various publications—along with dabbling in some facilitator roles at a few nonprofits.

Though he loves most any kind of writing that reflects on the impossible complexity of the world and existence as a whole, he especially loves contemporary fiction that's interested in the impossible strangeness that is living on this planet. He's also trying to write his own short stories and novellas, most of which also concern how weird it is to be a human and live a life. When he's not reading or writing, Alec spends most of his time playing ultimate, listening to endless amounts of music, loudly laughing like a weenie, and hanging out with his goober friends.