Alex Adelman

Collecting art has been a passion of mine since the age of 15 when I acquired my first work of fine art: an original color lithograph by Joan MirĂ³. I began building my knowledge as a teenager by working at an auction house describing auction lots. This opportunity exposed me to a wide range of collectibles and fine art. In college, at Washington University, St. Louis, I worked on three degrees: printmaking, anthropology, and art history. Later, I completed graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley. While in college, I continued to buy and sell fine art on a part-time basis.

In the late 80's, a turning point in my life, I made a move from academia to a full-time career in selling fine art. In 1987 I went to work for a corporate art gallery with almost 50 retail locations worldwide; I managed, then directed, the largest gallery for the company. Employed there until 1993, I gained a substantial amount of experience and began formulating ideas about a different way to sell art. I discovered that my values contrasted with the qualities and attributes of commercial galleries in high-rent districts. What was crucial in my mind was recognizing the importance of professionalism, honesty, and relationship-building.

Alex Adelman is the Director of Masterworks Fine Art.