Hello, and welcome to my profile!

My name is Amanda and I have a passion for many things including animals, art, research, and education. I have a degree in Art as well as Human Development and Family Sciences with an emphasis on psychology, research, ethics, and family functioning.

I joined HubPages because I love to write! My aim is to eliminate misconceptions and help my readers become educated about topics they may be interested in learning more about.

Ever since I was a child I learned to ask questions until I found an answer.  My goal is for my readers to be able to identify with my articles and find some use from the informaiton that I share.

Professional articles have one flaw. Many professionals become consumed by their work and forget to put themselves in their readers' shoes. I am a person just like any other, looking for answers and a way to show empathy and understanding.

Topics will include informaiton about pets, arts and crafts, fine art, research, tips on writing papers, buying and fixing up new properties, and the world of gaming. Hopefully I can give everyone a lilttle taste of something they enjoy reading about and talking about.

If you have a topic of interest you would like me to explore on my page, please let me know! Knowledge is what enriches our lives.

Thank you for visiting my page!  I hope you enjoy!