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Anaya M. Baker

About six years ago I left a career in television broadcasting in order to pursue my passion for literature and writing. I now own a second-hand book business in central North Carolina, in addition to working as a freelance writer and editor online.

While paying my dues in the television industry, I completed a B.A. in English with emphasis on writing at Skidmore College. I am currently working towards a Masters degree at Duke University, which I hope to complete in the fall of 2015.

As a freelance writer I've contributed ad and article copy for sites like eHow, Merchant Circle, CrowdSource, Gather News, and Helium. I've done a lot of work for national real estate companies and location databases, fact-checked medical articles, and edited academic theses. In print I've appeared in Baton Rouge Parenting Magazine, and as a frequent contributor to Moral Relativism Magazine.

Here on Hubpages I write on a variety of topics, including books and literature, education, gender and relationships, home remedies and holiday-themed cocktails. Hubpages is the place that I go to write whatever strikes my interest at the time, which more often than not tends to be on some obscure literary theme. Happy reading!