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Astrid North's Study Guide

I've started this account for a few reasons.  One: I love to read, write and study. I have spent the past 5 years doing so, its not enough that I read a book, I want to study up on it after and understand everything there is to know about said book.  The same with films.

Two: When I studied 'Film, Literature and Drama' in college I found that many of our contemporary works had very little study guides and as such some novels and dramas were much harder to write about. 

So this is my way of continuing my studies outside of college but also, hopefully, helping other students in this area too.  

I welcome any suggestions be it literature, film or drama based, if there is a novel or play on your course that you would like information on, I would be delighted to help. 

My areas of study include:


Film (anything film related, including reviews, history, theories like philosophy/semiotics, feminism/gender in film...the list goes on)

Drama (theory, history, particular playwrights, techniques/styles etc)

Literature (everything from poetry to novels, manga and literary theory including but not limited to feminism, gender and modernism )

Critical and Cultural Theory 


Animal Rights (My dissertation focussed on animal rights in Media, so very enthusiastc about this)