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C E Clark

C. E. Clark was a psychology major at North Texas University, she’s a veteran home schooler, and a political junkie. She grew up on a small dairy farm in central Wisconsin and learned to sew most of her own clothes (not including underwear, swimwear, or jeans) from age 14. She’s been cooking since she was 11, and she’s the youngest of 5. She worked closely with her late husband for 10 years in his law office, and says she benefitted immensely from his instruction in both law and politics. She has lived in 5 different states in different parts of the U.S., and now resides in North Texas.

Ms. Clark has an insatiable curiosity about almost everything and loves to learn for the sake of learning. Many of her articles here are the result of pursuing a curiosity — then writing and sharing what she learned with her readers.

One thing that Clark especially enjoys doing is chasing down the facts and discovering the basis for widely accepted beliefs. For example, she researched whether men really are the better drivers, or is it just an urban legend perpetuated by — men? She decided to find out if men really do think about sex every 7 seconds, and whether Congress members really can retire with full benefits after just one 2-year term in the U.S. House of Representatives. She has even tackled the U.S. National debt that is a source of fear and misunderstanding for so many people, and wrote about its reality in terms people should be able to understand.

As a result of her curiosity about literally everything, Clark has looked into a variety of different issues and then reported her findings back to her readers. She has sometimes discovered interesting things she wasn’t even looking for in the process of researching some subjects, and that is how she came to write about how scientists can now correctly predict the day, and even the hour, when an individual will die. It would seem humans really do have an expiration date.

Ms. Clark has also researched and written about fun subjects like what color car do birds most prefer to target, and whether blondes really do have more fun — or is it in fact red heads that really have this advantage? Read her article and find out . . .

Peruse Clark’s varied articles and you are all but certain to find at least one that will stimulate your interest.