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Stephen Bush

Stephen Bush provides specialized business writing, career training and consulting to individuals and organizations. In addition to bushaex, his internet screen names include planBush and aexbush. Content writing services include specialized white papers, extended articles and case studies. Steve often talks about the importance of contingency planning — Always Have a Plan B.

Steve is a Navy veteran and obtained his MBA from UCLA. He is based in Ohio.

A recent observation by Steve Bush about helping small businesses:

"For more than the past two decades, I have actively helped small business owners and individuals to communicate and negotiate with bankers and suppliers more effectively. This role will continue to receive most of my personal and professional energy during the next few years. While acting as a persuasive advocate for the interests of small businesses and individual borrowers, I have seen how the banking industry continues to have an unfair advantage. I am always pleased to help each small business owner level this playing field whenever I can."

Steve's prediction about bank risks and problems:

"In my view, current financial and banking problems and risks will not be satisfactorily resolved until severe bank limitations (at least as strong as the Glass-Steagall Act that was repealed in 1999) are enacted and enforced. I am not alone in making such a prediction, but keep in mind that the banks themselves are likely to do everything in their power to keep it from coming true."