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My name is Camelia. I was born and lived in communist Romania and I'm still a Romanian citizen. I've been living in US since 2003. I'm a sales associate in one of the largest company in US and, most of the time, I enjoy my work.

I have a BA in History and i used to be a journalist ( in my country). I enjoy reading SF and history books of any kind.

I like coffee so I write about coffee. My favourite hubs on this subject are The True Turkish Coffee, The Q Coffee League, Fair Trade Certified, Coffee with Cognac.

If you are interested in my native country then you must read Christmas Tradition - Romania, The Story of a Witch and Miraculous Icons of Romania.

A subject that had always fascinated me is history. So, at no surprise, I have few article on the matter:


King Michael I of Romania, the reign and the exile;

Funny and peculiar things about corsets, hoops and ofashion clothes in grandma's closet

The corpulent beauties of stone age|The venus figurines of prehistory

I hope you will find useful information on my hubs and enjoy reading them.

P.S. and just before you leave this page I wanted to tell you that I also have a blog of my own and I am a contributor to my sister's photoshop blog. They are listed on my google at +Camelia.