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Once upon a time I thought I could have the world! I swore I was invincible, and could do anything I wanted. And I did, not anything, but everything I did was extreme. Extreme zeal. Extreme vision. Extreme love. Extreme hate. extreme devotion. Extreme intensity, passion, conviction. Extreme Abandonment!!! Extreme desire to change the world, to start a revolution of some sort. I seemed to have forgotten that I was trapped within these elements called time and space.

I am confident that every young adult out there at some point thinks he/she is invincible.

I am pretty extreme still, to an extent I suppose. But life is starting to settle in on me, and as miraculous as it may be, it is not extreme. Life takes things at a slow pace, even though we like to speed it up. I realize I don't need to scream at people anymore to be heard, (speaking figuratively). I am always communicating. I don't have to cram information into anyones brain, or my own so that we can all be all-knowing. I am always learning and teaching. I can simply say/do what I believe necessary, and let those around me determine in their heart/mind whether they will respond, and how.

Bottom Line Upon Reflection as I am about to Turn Over Another Year:

Perhaps I am not as extreme/intense as I was back in my early 20's. But I am still passionate. And more importantly, the world will change! I may have a tiny portion of influence to direct that change, and will choose to distribute it where it will be most fruitful.