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I am an avid reader, poet and writer with a day job.

I am always looking out for more writing opportunities and the chance to write, edit and proofread manuscripts as a freelancer.

Writing is my number one love, followed by reading. I have other diverse interests; some seasonal and some evergreen.

I enjoy reading and writing poetry. Interpreting and misinterpreting other poets' work, and appreciating the art of writing.

Sometimes I binge-watch movies, binge-read poems, binge-write on various topics, and binge-download cute cat memes.

I am an author with two books to my name and counting.

My first collection of poetry is known as Piece of Mind: Everyone Has an Untold Story, written under the pseudonym Centfie Valrie. I am proud of the raw emotions in this book. Creativity, naivety, and humanity seep through it with life-changing lessons, inspiration, romance, and anger. It was therapeutic writing it, and I know readers will experience the same.

The other book is The Big Dilemma: Do Life or Quit Life? It is a suicide prevention tool based on cognitive behavioural therapy and the interpersonal theory of suicide. You do not need experience or a connection to suicide to read The Big Dilemma.

The strategies, and a bit of my story, are helpful for developing coping skills for mental pain and improving your psychological health.

Since it is a serious topic I use my real name Sophy Chunge to publish The Big Dilemma: Do Life or Quit Life? rather than my poetic stage name: Centfie.

And, oh, yes, I am a trained psychologist. Refer to the day job above :-)

You may view my books on Amazon store in your country, both the kindle versions and paperback/hardcopy.

Whether you enjoy my writing, are interested in hiring me to write for you, use my articles ethically, or are curious and wonder why you hate me yet you don't know me; I would love to connect. Use the links on my profile under "Follow Me Here."

Keep living. Let's do life.