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Charlotte B Plum

I am currently a university student, and I love people watching, researching about health, reading, imagining, singing, making music... this hub is dedicated to all the things that I would love to share!

For fellow students out there, hubpages is a great avenue to pursue your love for writing, while earning some pocket money and interacting with a great community - which is what I love about this place.

As students, we are constantly writing essays and doing projects. I have found hubpages to be the perfect avenue to share some of my well-written essays. Join hubpages! And you can put up those good essays that you have written for school here, alongside your other writings (eg. short stories, poems....).. the sky is really the limit. And you could be helping out a fellow student who is struggling to understand a particular topic.

In hubpages, one of the strategies that people use to increase their readership is backlinking - which is essentially creating a link leading to your article on another page. Try shetoldme! It is a great site that many hubbers recommend.

Recently, I discovered Wizzley! It is a brand new revenue sharing site that has got many writers jumping on the bandwagon (including seasoned hubbers). Wizzley encourages and hopes to facilitate writers who have products to promote, and click here to check it out of sign up!

Another place popular among those seeking to earn online is webanswers. Click here to earn as you answer questions.

Enjoy my random musings that range all the way from psychology to music!