Chris Achilleos

Hi all, I'm Chris! Born in New Jersey U.S.A. and moved to Cyprus at the age of 7. Finishing high school, I moved to the United Kingdom where I studied and lived for 8 years.


·         Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology

·         Advanced Diploma in Counselling studies and skills

Being a very creative person I have a passion for the arts and have always enjoyed crafts, painting, travelling, cooking as well as writing.  

Drawn towards aspects such as emotional well being, personal development, people’s inner strengths, and creativity I like exploring the ways in which positive psychology may impact ones psychological well being. 


Hubs nominated and awarded in the Hub Nuggets competition:

-Paranormal belief and Creativity:The association between paranormal belief and creativity - Has been awarded first place, in the Religion and Philosophy category.

- John Bowlby and Attachment Theory - Has been awarded second place, in the Education and Science category.


*Many thanks to all those who have voted and supported me*



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