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Claudette Jones

I love life, and enjoy observing and recording (in my own way), the millions of little details that make up each of my days. Unlike people who, after a life threatening experience say they suddenly realize how important it is to really appreciate life ... that's never been the case for me; which doesn't make me smarter - maybe just more aware. Maybe. Enjoying the warmth of the sun on a chilly day; the beauty and awesomeness of nature; a delicious meal; feeling good physically; the power of love and support from loved ones ... and on and on have always been appropritely appreciated by me. And although I've experienced a couple of serious, life-threatening events (Hurricane Marilyn while living in the Caribbean in 1995 for one), it didn't take those situations to make me aware of the value of life.

I've been a freelance writer for over 20 years, and have one published novel, The Secret of the Veil. The sequel is eminent (finally)! and is titled, "The Spirit of the Veil: Prophecy of the 7". I've been a newspaper writer, a magazine writer and editor, as well as a business and technical writer.

I feel that there is definitely more to life than what we can see and feel and I explore that in my novels, which are Contemporary Spiritual Paranormal Suspense.

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