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The CountryCityWoman wants a farm so she can grow sheep and cotton and vegetables, and she must have at least one hippo but maybe more. 

As a native New Yorker, writer, educator, street fighter, her fondest childhood memories include summers on her grandmother's farm in NC where she was able to run free with the cows. Her dream now is to retire to a farm (or large plot of land) in NC. A well-planned move from the City and a miniature condo, to the wide-open country. 

But can she do it and not melt down from the isolation? Her objective now is to prepare, to research, to plan 'green' living, to look into housing or buying land, to sell a condo, to plan companion planting, to investigate solar energy.

A well researched journey filled with anticipation - and hubs! 

The photo? The results of sun shining on a faceted crystal and making an image on the floor, with a plant taking it all in.

Join the journey!

And share some of your tips.