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Spanish zoologist (exciting), GIS consultant (not that exciting) and a wanderer by nature (super exciting). I love travelling and I find it very hard to stick to one place for longer than two years. After a few years lost in the UK and Ireland I have just landed on to the amazing mountains of western North Carolina.

My interest for writing started  very recently while on a seven month trip around Southern Africa. I joined a total stranger, a wildlife photographer on this little experiment. We created, the story of our trip told by two voices, a kind of 'he said she said' on a safari. We studied cheetahs and leopards for three months in south africa, swam with dolphins in mozambique, got thirsty in the Kalahari  and were spied on by leopards while camping in namibia.  

Right now we are putting a book together about our trip. It will be called Dual Nature and will be available in september 2011. Join us in our facebook page to get notified as to when the book will be released.

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I am also a freelance writer for Break Studios and Demand Studios.

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My favourite quotations are:

'The seat may change, the view may live.
Passion, nature and dreams are forever'

'Have the guts to go for what you want in life even when the odds are stacked and everyone else has a better plan'