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Dawn M

Dawn is a born and raised Northern Californian and lifelong writer. She began publishing her written work for Ehow in 2007. By 2008, Dawn was publishing works for both Ehow and Hubpages. Eventually, Dawn was recruited by DemandMedia to write as content contributor, where she continued to learn her craft. During this time, her work as a writer was featured on television by KTXL Fox40. Some years later, Dawn signed off as a writer and began a new adventure as a small business owner and restauranteur when she opened a restaurant and general store. Owning her own restaurant gave Dawn the platform to grow her passion for baking and expand her horizons in business. As a result of her success, her restaurant has been featured on both, television and in print. Most recently, as a "Foodie Find" in "Style Magazine EDC". In 2017, a fire caused the unfortunate and untimely closing of Dawn's restaurant. Ultimately making way for her to return to her first love, writing.

Dawn's experience as a business owner, restauranteur, baker, cook, mother, and wife often inspire her written work. A nature lover at heart, her writing is frequently influenced by her natural surroundings, plants, animals, gardening and outdoor adventures. Being a unique character, unsatisfied with a rat race existence, Dawn lives in an isolated community on the edge of the forest, with her husband of 23 years and her son. Her many experiences, specific to her unconventional lifestyle, give Dawn a refreshingly uncommon perspective.