Dennis AuBuchon

I am an author and have been writing for several years. My main focus is on integrity principles in a wide variety of topics. Some examples include political issues, sports, court decisions and congressional legislation among others. To date I have written Nineteen books (Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition and What Makes a Good Audit) are just two of them and over 1000 articles. I have a free ebook in pdf format titled Understanding the Constitution now available on my website. I have joined several social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Goggle+. On these sites I have connected with many members and have participated in topics posted on the sites. In addition to I have written articles on The Grant Journal.

I have a wide degree of personal and professional experience. I have over 25 years experience as a quality auditor and was both an audit team leader and a audit team member along with working for the federal government for 35 years before retiring. I now have a new career in the healtcare industry and have learned much about healthcare. I have used the Internet to learn about various issues and applied the principles of integrity to everything I write including my books. I have written several books related to the operations of the federal government especially executive departments and agencies.

I am an individual who believes in the principal that one person can make a difference. In support of this principle I have created a web site which has as my primary principle is quality writing and service t make a difference. It not only is a resource for my writing but a resource for other writers. It is an aid to other writers to market their publications and writing in addition to being a resource for my books, articles and services. Examples of support for other authors are author interviews, an online book catalog, links to other writer’s web sites and links to sites that offer opportunities for authors to connect with various organizations. In addition it also offers resources to marketing information and opportunities. I strive to keep my web site family friendly as can be seen through the connections I have created either to author sites or books in my online catalog.