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Diana Grant

Retired Family Law Solicitor, grandmother, poet, enjoy writing, gardening, and current affairs. I have also helped to run a restaurant in the past.

I loved my work so much that, when I was a workaholic, I never realized that I would enjoy not working just as fervently. I've been to art classes, photoshop classes, worked on my poetry and redesigned my garden, as well as making all my own cards, decorating mugs, improving my internet skills and writing every day.

I have a Zazzle store, using my designs to create t-shirts, cards, mugs, bags, mousepads, iPad covers, posters, buttons and stickers, etc.: GloriousConfusion's Store at Zazzle

I also have a Blogspot Blog: Diana's Blog - Glorious Confusion.

And I have created over 150 web pages about Gardening Tips, Beswick Figurines, Earrings, Books, Human Rights, Family Law and Poetry.

To eMail me, click "Fan Mail" down a little on the right-hand column of this page; then click on blue link "send Diana Grant mail" just below the dark black line