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Mohan Kumar

I love words. They inspire, excite, educate, entertain, reassure, heal and do so much more. My love of writing comes naturally from my lifelong love of reading. It is a great feeling to share this with others.

My writing reflects my diverse interests such as Books, Comics, Health, Teaching, Films, Art, Music, Video Games and many more. I am greedy in my pursuits and feel there is not enough time in one lifetime to appreciate all that humanity has achieved in love and life, in art and science.

Hubpages is a great community and if you haven't discovered the benefits of being an active member, sign up and get hubbing. There are several tutorials and helpful hubs on the site to help the newbie. The hubpage members are always willing to give helpful advice and support.

I was born in the palm fringed east coast of South India. I live and work in the UK and enjoy the heritage and narrative possibilities of the wonderful Language of my adopted home.

I am eternally grateful to so many fellow hubbers who support , nurture and feedback constantly.