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Donna Rayne

Hi, my name is Donna and I live in beautiful Greenwood, Indiana! I love all the beauty of nature that surrounds me, I draw my inspiration from my surroundings and what happens in the heart when you love! Plus, all this makes me feel closer to the Lord and keeps me in awe of all his greatness. I am a Christian woman with an extraordinarily strong belief in God and I am grateful for how much knowing him has made me a better person. I am a lifelong poet, mother of four grown kids, and aim to make this world a better place and fill it with kindness.

I spend my time writing, taking care of my cats, and growing old with my husband of 8 years! We first met when we were seven years old! From that moment we were best friends! We lost touch through the years, he married, so did I but we found one another one day and we revealed that we loved each other, not friendship love, it was more than that. We've had our difficulties, but the good Lord always brings us back together! Praise His Glorious name!

Writing has always been my passion of mine, whether it be poems or authoring articles, at the age of 57 I am finally fulfilling my goal to be a fantastic writer and writing on HubPages has helped me to become that fantastic writer who I strive to become one day.

I pray I inspire and help my readers for years to come!

God bless,

Donna Rayne