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Bill Tollefson

Hello, my name is Bill and I am a husband, father, grandfather and Certified Master Life Coach.

My Life Coaching private practice keeps me pretty busy most of the time. When I do get spare time I enjoy keeping up with the landscaping of my home, working in two gardens and tinkering with my car a bit.

I have three pleasure besides coaching others. One is I really enjoy coffee. I do have a huge passion for coffee. The second I love my family and friends. Third is inspiring people to change their lives.

My Background

I have over 43 years of experience in the mental health, addictions, trauma and coaching fields providing coaching, teaching, training and consulting services. I provide custom life, trauma and holistic addiction recovery coaching services to individual clients. I also provide training to addiction, coaching and mental health professionals. My personal and coaching drive is to inspire individuals to achieve and accomplish whatever they want out of life.


I am a publisher, national and international speaker, radio personality and radio co-host. I have been featured nationally twice on a XM Satellite Radio Show. I am an arthor and have written 2 books, Separated From the Light: A Path back From Psychological Trauma and Personal Philosophy as wellas produced educational and teaching DVDs.

I have a wide range of experiences with helping people with all types of life issues. I am a well-known expert on the effects of abuse, addictions, combat, human behavior, anxiety, stress, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, life conflicts & relationship issues as well as addiction recovery issues. I am the President of Tollefson Enterprise, LLC and owner of Dr Bill Life Coaching. I have developed highly effective and simple life coaching methods and tools to inspire individuals remove mental and emotional barriers that stop them from performing better, feeling happier, reducing anxiety and stress therefore achieving success in his/her life.

My #1 goal is to inspire. Let me inspire you to achieve and accomplish whatever you want out of life


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