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Emmanuel Kariuki

Everything you have ever wanted to know about the Kikuyu people and the Kikuyu language can be found here. Well, almost everything. I need you to scour the pages and tell me if anything is missing, so I get back to work. There's much more here than just the Kikuyu and their culture. Peruse on and discover.

Welcome to Hubpages, a forum to learn about practically everything from a vibrant international community. Reading about ancient civilizations is my addiction. I have also done extensive reading on Kikuyu culture and compared it with the culture of Egypt's 18th Dynasty. I have also authored fiction for adolescents and young readers.

I have formed certain opinions about the Kikuyu and their origins in ancient Egypt and wish to share them with you here at Hubpages. - Akhenaten and the Kikuyu People of Kenya and Secrets of an ancient migration from Egypt to Mount Kenya - are two examples of my hubs in a comparative style. Akhenaten’s Grandmother and the Kikuyu is yet another hub in the series. This man Akhenaten has taken much of my writing energy and I have even theorized about where he disappeared to.

Besides my obsession with Akhenaten, I write on many issues, though, like all writers, I have my pet subjects. Talking about pets, I am an aquarist of long standing, and even turned the hobby into a business for close to two decades. If you are planning to keep fish someday you can get practical lessons on making and maintaining an aquarium in the hub - Glass Fish Tank: how to make your own aquarium.

Kikuyu language and culture is at the core of my posts on Hubpages. Learn the Kikuyu Language: vocabulary and conversation practice is my flagship with the most visitors per day. This is an indication that Kikuyu people in the Diaspora and other language enthusiasts are keen to see that this ancient language lives on in our global village. You will see from my comparative writing between Kikuyu and Ancient Egypt that it is in the interest of humanity to study this language and extract the embedded historical records that have been preserved for thousands of years. I hope that others with working knowledge of endangered languages will ensure that those languages are also preserved through similar posts.

As an accomplished artist I paint using accrylics and oil paints. I also sculpt in clay and fibreglass. I have illustrated many books for publishers in Nairobi, but currently I only illustrate my own work writing.

My latest artistic pursuit is in Taxidermy. I have posted a hub on how I made a Dodo bird using fibreglass in the taxidermy technique.

Below is a list of some of my published books.

A. Children’s fiction

1. Safari ya Kombamwiko (Kiswahili) – ISBN: 966 47 225 8

2. Kombamwiko na Hoteli ya Nyota Tano (Kiswahili) – ISBN: 966 47 256 8

3. Ngiri Mganga (Kiswahili) – ISBN: 966 47 236 3

4. Miraba and Proud Vuno – ISBN: 966 47 040 9

5. Kombamwiko's Adventure – ISBN: 966 47 035 2

6. The Savanna Laughing stock – ISBN: 966 01 110 2

7. Python the Investigator – ISBN: 966 01 105 6

8. Kolo the Soothsayer – ISBN: 966 01 117 X

9. Eating is Hard Work – ISBN: 966 01 116 1
10. The Taveta Border Post - Amazon/KDP
11. Who is Bulliying Who? - Amazon/KDP
12. The Lamu Donkey Race - Amazon/KDP
13. Shaddows in the Savanna - Amazon/KDP

B. Young Adult’s Fiction

14. The Salem Mystery - ISBN: 966 25 025 5

Winner of the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature, adolescent category, 2003, selected as a reader by Rwanda’s Ministry of Education

15. The Red Coat - ISBN: 978 966 25 535 4

Was nominated for the Impac Dublin Literary award – 2010

16. The Ole Sepei Mystery - ISBN: 978 966 25 593 8

17. The Trail of Mercy
18. Mahari na Mali - Swahili
19. The Guardian Angels
20. Nyumba ya Maithori - Picture novel in Kikuyu language

Follow me in my hubs, for engaging reading on comparative studies of the Kikuyu and Ancient Egyptians, History, language studies, aquarium making and many other topics of interest.