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Currently a student in "MA: Green Cultural Studies", she is highly interested in issues related to the development of individuals and societies through communication, literature, philosophy, critical thinking and civic engagement. She is an environmental activist, since she firmly believes that environmental protection is not science's responsibility only, but also humanities and culture's.
She stands out at project leadership, has a strong background in social media and has published several online articles.
She also runs a youth-led initiative since 2013 where she promotes youth activism and civic activism.

Asmae has traveled during the past three years to different countries while taking part of international programs and conferences.
• May 2017: ISWI, Environment workshop, Ilmenau, Germany.
• March, 2017: Mentor, MEPI Capstone Seminar, Tunis, Tunisia.
• February 2017: Premium Ambassador, ISFiT , Trondheim , Norway.
• June 2016: Participant at GriStuF: Wind, Waves, and Endless Energy Workshop in Greifswald, Germany.
• March 2016: Panelist and poster reviewer: MEPI Professional Development Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.
• June 2015: Student Ambassador at SCiM ( Student Conference in Maribor)
•February 2015: Participated in ISFiT: International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway.
•Alumni of the MEPI US Middle East Partnership Initiative: Student leaders program in 2014, Benedictine University, Illinois, USA.
During her experiences abroad, she took part of several classes where she got certified in the following:
- Certificate: Communication techniques
- Certificate: Wind and waves energy.
- Certificate: Leadership.

Asmae loves voluntary work and has volunteered in several associations and NGOs worldwide because she is a firm believer in the power and influence of making a positive change.