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Eman Abdallah Kamel

Welcome to my Profile

Eman is a textile engineer and printed textile fashion designer. She lives in Egypt with her husband and her children.

My goal in writing is to enrich others with useful information through my experience. I hope this will be achieved through my writings.

I have many hobbies such as reading. I love reading history, geography, customs and cultures of the people as well as religion and technology books. I like to read novels, especially to senior thinkers and writers.

I like to read heritage books especially Egyptian heritage because I consider it so interesting and useful. Also, reading about different civilization, love knowledge and reading about the different leaders and personalities in the world. Also, I like to discuss others and benefit from their knowledge and experience as I like them to benefit from my knowledge and experience.

I like reading about philosophy, meditation, books of cooking, food, healthy and interest in home and children books.

Eman enjoys nature as well as love traveling.

My other hobby, which is apart of my job is drawing with natural colors such as oil, water, wood, wax colors because I find these natural colors more expressive and beautiful.