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Evie Lopez

Thank you for stopping by my page. Here at Hubpages I am known as Faithful Daughter but my friends call me Evie.

I enjoy writing, all forms of art (drawing, oil painting, music, photography...), and spending time with my dogs. I love animals and little children, and hate to see abuse and cruelty towards these little helpless ones.

I live a very clean and peaceful life, and I am a faithful follower of Christ. I love to read and study my Bible and can never get enough of the Word of God.

Some have e-mailed me asking what my religious denomination is. In answer to that, I am a non-denominational Christian. I do not follow any religion but do faithfully follow the Word of God. Once I peeled off man-made religion from my life, I was able to see what the Word truthfully said and taught. The revelation I received served to deepen and strengthen my relationship with Christ Jesus.

I hope to come to know all my readers and make many friends here from all walks of life. So, kick back and relax. I hope you enjoy reading my hubs. I do have a variety of articles but I mostly write about the Christian faith.

In reading my Christian articles, you will find many of my hubs will challenge you to rethink what you have been taught in the past about the Word of God, and will hopefully challenge you to re-read your Bible and see for yourselves the truth within its pages just as the Bereans did.

As a final note, I ask you not to copy or reproduce any of my articles without my consent. I do check periodically for plagiarism.

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