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Rachel Koski Nielsen

Instagram @farmer__rachel

My name's Rachel - I've been "Farmer Rachel" since 2010. I have a 20-acre homestead, complete with my ugly, cozy house in Minnesota.

I love growing vegetables and flowers and fruits, raising chickens for eggs and meat, walking my fields when the wildflowers & native plants are in bloom, exploring the woods on my homestead, tanning hides with fat and smoke, wild-harvesting, making soap and herbal infusions and tinctures, making cider and fruit wines, doing things simply and slowly, and learning learning learning.

I've managed the farm at a living history museum with my husband in Pennsylvania; had my own small farming business in Minnesota in which I sold produce, lamb, and pork, raised sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, and calves, grew a market garden and sold at farmers markets. I'm a homesteader and a small farmer and a mother and something of a witch.

My constant companions are my sweet husband, David; our three dogs Honeybear, Copper, and Biscuit; and as of June '21, my clever little daughter, Hilma Dale.

I have a masters of science in applied psychology. In my farming adventure, I've also found fullfillment in the career field of helping people with disabilities. Watch this space for psychology-related articles coming in, maybe, 2022.

I thank you for visiting my articles.