My hubs will mainly be sharings on the legal system and legal issues.

Yup, this may sound boring. I perceived legal issues to be that way as well before and when I was first exposed to them. But I soon came to realize that they are in fact very interesting. Well, the law has two main sources - statutes and case laws. And in UK, though case laws are subordinate to statutes, but they are the main bulk of the law. The thing about these cases is that they tell us true stories of people from different walks of lives. You'll be surprised to find that some stories may relate so personally to you. They range from every-day-live stories to stories that you think they only exist in movies! Some of these stories are so interesting that they were made into books and movies!

Apart from the cases, knowing legal rules and the legal system will be fun! Well, at least for a curious guy like me. To me, it's always interesting to know about what I'm entitled to when someone negligently crashed into my car; knowing the exact moment when someone has (legally) assaulted me; my bargaining position in a deal and my rights as a consumer; remedies to my losses; etc.

Maybe, like me, you will discover your hidden interest for legal issues as well!