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Glen Nunes

Sometimes when reading about something, you want to dig a little deeper, and go beyond the basics. You really don't need to know each and every little detail, however. Finding that "sweet spot" of just enough information is what I try to do with my writing.

I don't try to write about what is hot at the moment, or what is currently trending on Google. Frankly, I don't write fast enough to do that. I simply begin with topics that I am interested in. It's more fun that way. Then I try to create the kind of web page I'd like to find if I were researching the topic.

I'm learning a lot in the process of creating these hubs. I hope you enjoy reading them.


A word about HubPages:

Thanks to Multiple Sclerosis, I now have more spare time than I used to. I've chosen to use some of that time writing, and Hubpages gives me the tools for creating quality web content. If you're thinking about publishing your writing on the web, you should look into Hubpages.