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Gerry Glenn Jones

Gerry Glenn Jones served 28 years in law enforcement in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri before beginning a writing and acting career. Since beginning this new career he has written over 450 articles in the now defunct digital magazine, Examiner. The sections he wrote for were "Memphis Film Industry," "Memphis Performing Arts," "Memphis International Travels," Civil War - Places and Faces" and "National Small Town Travels." He has also written over 200 articles for AXS. In addition to these publications, Gerry is a freelance writer with articles featured in Desoto Magazine and other publications. While article writing is his most proliferate form of writing, he has also authored a stage play and a screenplay.

Gerry's writing career has existed along with his acting career, in which he has performed in numerous stage plays, some movies, and tv commercials. Gerry health has been a big factor in what he is able to physically do. He has severe heart problems, and sleep apnea, but he tries to eat healthy foods and uses a CPAC machine for his apnea.