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Jeremy Christian

For as long as I can remember I have been formulating an internal understanding that reconciles my fascination with science and my faith in God. To give you an idea of just how far back this goes, I can still recall a 10 year old self trying to explain to my mother that dinosaurs must have been wiped out in the flood because they couldn't fit on the ark. Rest assured I've refined it just a bit since then.

Recently I had a kind of revelation that tied everything together for me. A single piece of the puzzle I had overlooked countless times before that suddenly made sense out of... well... everything. Suddenly some of the biggest mysteries of mankind weren't so mysterious.

But that's crazy, right? If it were truly this simple somebody would have realized it by now. I had become the definition of delusion. I had finally lost it.

But I couldn't deny my crazy internal concepts of faith and science consistently provided a more sound explanation across the board than nearly anything else I encountered in my research. Then again, what is 'sound' to a delusional person?

Before long I became overwelmed with frustration with all the arguments being made by both sides of the evolution versus creation debate. I started to wonder if I should continue keeping this theory to myself. If I'm right then this could finally settle some long standing debates and maybe even help us all understand a little better just who we are and where we come from. Or I've become incredibly delusional. In either case, I needed to bounce these ideas off of others.

Over the past couple of years I have spent countless hours trying to convey this abstract theory (that was never intended to be anything more than for my own personal understanding) into something more tangible. The first form was a concept album simply because I try to turn every idea I've ever had into the concept album I've always dreamed of doing. I finally gave up that ghost (for now!) and decided to just start trying to write it out in a series of essays. Here's a list of what can be found on my site ....

Particular Articles of Interest....

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Matching Events in Genesis with Known Human History

The Mysterious Characters of the Pre-Flood Bible

So, I'm now here to share my ideas with a wider audience to be considered, confirmed, or proven utterly ridiculous.

Who does this guy think he is?

I am a Christian, though I am not a church-goer and don't claim any specific denomination. In fact, I feel no one denomination is particularly 'right'. I do not doubt God, but I do doubt the human interpretation of Him. The whole point of this site is to present my ideas about God and life, as well as my reasons behind those ideas, in a public forum to be considered, challenged, or debunked.

I am not an expert and I don't claim to be a prophet. I've never held a conversation with a glowing specter or a talking animal. I do hear voices, but that's totally normal... right? Right?! I am just a curious man with an open mind, who's totally fascinated by life and compelled to figure it all out. I'm a warm, dry, comfortable, well-fed, lazy Westerner who lets the world's best minds do all the digging and researching, content to just mine their findings via the internet.