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Helena Ricketts

Blogger, freelance writer, artist, gardener, chicken, cat, dog and hamster owner are the best ways to describe my life at the moment. I’m only here for the food and to share what I know about the things that I love to write about… getting back to a simpler way of life and closing the door on the rat race because I like hammocks and I don’t have time for one… yet.

Saving and making money is a learning process that we all can benefit from and everything can be recycled into something different for a second go round in usefulness.

My hubs are all about the things I love in life. I write about money, reviews, recipes, my pets, gardening, Indiana and my travels. I’m passionate about the food movement and the environment although I haven’t been hugging many trees lately because of the fear of catching poison oak again. I guess you could say, I write about life and the one that I am living.

I do occasionally write for clients and am able to write about a vast array of subject matter and in many different styles. If you are looking for someone to write for you, feel free to contact me through HubPages.

Hope you are having a fantastic day and thank you for stopping by!