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My name is Daniel (or InterestCaptured). I have a vivid passion for life and the natural world. I've worked in the animal industry most of my life, alongside reptiles, aquatics, mammals, insects, arachnids, and all sorts of other wonderful beings. Through years of connecting with different organisms I eventually found incredible intrigue in the world of aquatics; researching anything I could and hopping from store to career; soaking up knowledge and exchanging it with others. I currently am the Curator at an Aquarium Design Studio, specializing in systems development and sustainable sourcing and animal care. While I've cared for just about every type of aquarium, in my home I lovingly watch over a freshwater planted tank that houses an assortment of species including sumo loaches, bumblebee catfish, bristlenose plecos, round-banded barbs, emerald-eyed rasboras, and others.

These days my passion now lies not only in learning about aquatics but in communicating with people about what they've come to learn as well. I love to see things thrive, and I hope my writing helps you help your animal companions as well.