Joanna McKenna

I'm unashamedly addicted to "skeleton rattling", otherwise known as Family History, and digging up everything I can about what the Dearly Departed did "in the dash", the genie (genealogist) term for the time between birth and death.

A prolific reader of mysteries and biographies, when I'm not curled up on the sofa with my nose in a book or my Kindle Fire I travel, if mostly only vicariously via YouTube and travel shows on PBS.

I also combine my love of mysteries and family history by "traveling" around Find A Grave ( connecting the Dearly Departed with their (deceased) parents, siblings, spouses and/or children, mostly from information acquired in 30+ years of research (mostly in my jammies since the internet was determined NOT to be a passing fad). Putting such information "out there" seems much more useful than it sitting in my laptop waiting to be printed and sent to an interested 5th cousin 10 times removed, right?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! ;D