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Hi! I'm an author, a vegetarian, and a homeschooling mom. I'm currently writing a book about various types of spiritual experiences women often report having during pregnancy. Do you have a story to share? Have you experienced a dream, spiritual sign, or intuition about your pregnancy or unborn baby? I also have sites on vegetarian recipes, animals, homeschooling/education, spirituality, music, children, travel, fun activities to do with kids, great family games, and more! These include Sweet And Savory Crepes, Cinnamon Apple Baked Beans, The Music Of Larry Siegel, Education: My Views, Raising Painted Lady Butterflies, Tadpoles To Frogs, Venice: One Of The Most Fascinating Cities In The World! and others. To see a listing of all my Squidoo articles, please visit: Janiece's Lensography.