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Jeff Berndt

Jeff is a married father of two. He used to go to the office to make a living as a technical writer, but has been freelancing from home since his oldest son was born. Most of his published work is non-fiction articles (much like the ones on HubPages), and he recently had some success as a screenwriter with his short film, zOm-B-gOn, winning the Audience Choice award at the Mitten Movie Project in November, 2009. Some years ago, he was privileged to work with comic creator Jane Irwin on the graphic novel Vögelein. Jeff's other interests include linguistics, history, theater, reenacting, and referring to himself in the third person.

Some of Jeff's favorite articles are about food, (especially seasonal recipes with local ingredients), tabletop roleplaying, words, American history, and useless foolishness.

Some fellow hubbers whose writing Jeff enjoys and/or finds useful are, in no particular order, Jennifer, Evan G. Rogers, The Pink Umbrella, cosette, Mighty Mom,  lmmartin, and many others.