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Joan Veronica Robertson

As a senior citizen, and having retired after a long and active working life, I have chosen to highlight the following details.

I am a Chilean citizen with dual nationality status, as I am also a registered UK national. I am bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish.

For the greater part of my life I have been involved with educational organizations, at a primary, secondary and University level. I started out as a Math teacher, then I specialized in Educational Theory and Practice (Curriculum and Evaluation), and now I am teaching English to non native speakers, at a Berlitz Center in Concepcion, Chile.

I have a teaching degree in Math and a Master´s degree in Education, as well as other assorted certificates, such as Educational Management Diplomas, both the Michigan and the Cambridge Test of Proficiency in English, and various others.

I studied piano for several years, and still play for personal enjoyment. I especially like Argentine tangos, R&B, and oldies pop music,

I have always been proficient at hand crafts. I especially like embroidery, crochet, knitting and the like. At the moment I am starting out as a beader and having great fun!

Last but not least, I am a voracious reader and a researcher of mind development methods in general. It is said that this is a good way to prevent senility. I certainly hope so!

Thank you for reading my Bio!