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John Hansen

"I come from a land down better run, you better take cover." I have always loved to write, especially poetry (but not in the traditional technical sense.) I enjoy rhyme but like to experiment and dabble in many different forms and maybe even make up some of my own. I have one published eBook of poetry "I Laughed a Smile" at

Now I find myself branching out and experimenting with short fiction and even writing instructional articles based on my observations of the art of writing and how I approach it. I like to think I succeed at giving most of my essays a unique and personal feel.

I studied creative writing and art through ICS (International Correspondence Schools):

Writing For Profit and Commercial Art courses

With the encouragement and help of some friends, I started a website specifically for poets and creative writers, The Creative Exiles ( and is exceeding all expectations. We have published an anthology of poetry on Amazon (The Creative Exiles...Let the Words Speak)

My personal life is largely devoted to lessening my footprint on our precious Earth and encouraging others to try to become as self-sufficient as possible. I studied for a certificate/diploma in Permaculture design which helps in an effort to attain this goal. We need to do everything we can to protect our world and preserve its natural assets and wildlife.

Homelessness, poverty, and the unrealistic and uneven distribution of wealth in the world is the greatest injustice. While governments bow down to rich multi-national companies and are more focused on having a booming economy in surplus than the well-being of the most disadvantaged citizens, equality and quality of life will just be pipe dreams.

I love books and reading and now writing, aiming to be as diverse as possible in the subjects I choose. Hopefully, I have something to please everyone.

The kind and encouraging comments (as well as constructive criticism) from fellow writers have spurred this creative urge in me and I deeply treasure this wonderful community.

I am now a freelance writer on Fiverr with over six years experience and specializing in children's books, educational material, poetry, advertising blurbs, and proofreading.


2014 Hubbie Awards: "Best Poet"

2016 Hubbie Awards: "Best Article @ Pet Helpful"

2021 Hubbie Awards: "Best Poet"

A couple of my favourite quotes:

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
― Mae West

"A wise man is ever in search of the truth. A truthful man may one day find wisdom."

- John Hansen

"Poetry is a gentle river flowing through a rocky and mountainous landscape of prose."

- John Hansen

(For any questions or further information about any of my articles "contact author.")