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JC Guiao

JC has a bachelor's degree in psychology and plans to take a master's degree in clinical psychology.

Aside from their career path, they have a number of interests that urge them to continually explore and learn. As natural explorers of knowledge and facts, they have a great interest in science, social sciences, entertainment (movies and T.V. series), and various local and global social issues, which reflect in most of their writings.

They are also the go-to of their friends for relationship and personal advice, which influenced their fondness for writing about life and relationships. These writing are mostly based on their observations or personal experiences as well as on their knowledge of different concepts in psychology.

As part of their Filipino and Kapampangan identity, they are also exposed to cooking various Filipino and Kapampangan cuisine at an early age which kept them continually exploring and experimenting with different recipes.

While psychology is their true love, writing has always been their passion and first love. As a kid, they often write poems to be presented at school. In high school, they are the associate editor of their school paper until their graduation. They have also joined and won several writing competitions throughout their academic lives. In addition, they have been writing short stories and flash fiction online in both English and Filipino. They aim to publish at least one novel in the future.

Lastly, they believe learning never stops!


All of their works and writings cannot be copied in any way and are protected by US and international copyright laws.