Hello, my pen-name kaltopsyd should actually be pronounced K. Alto, Psy.D. The K stands for my first name, the Alto represents my musical background and the Psy.D. means doctor of psychology (pronounced sy D), which I hope will someday follow my name.

My interests are psychology, music, church (believe it or not), reading, writing and much more.

The first chapter of my Thespian Lane Serial won a HubNugget (6/9/10). I also won a HubNugget for "Anxious About Anxiety" (6/2/10).  Thank you all for voting for me and thanks to the HubPage team for nominating me.

This summer-fall (2010), I completed the first part of the 60-day Hub Challenge (the Return). Here's my Hublog. 

My Writings:

~*~"The Seed of Hardship" 

~*~ Ethan's Heart (in collaboration with ACSutliff) 

~*~ "Paraome" Fantasy Shorts: The Forbidden Vase, Goddesses are off Limit - part 1 &  part 2


Hubber Dobson is almost finished with "Jenny's Life" and is currently working on "A Family Secret." You can find the first chapter my writing partner, ACSutliff's novel-in-progress here. Parrster is a writer I truly admire and has several novels on HubPages. 2Patricias has some awesome fiction (as well as other hubs) on their page.