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Katherine Ling

Katherine Ling is a Teacher, YouTuber, Author, and Founder of LingLing Mandarin. She has a Master's Degree in Communication and Language Skills and 10+ years' experience in translation and interpretation between Mandarin Chinese and English, both of which she speaks fluently.

She currently lives in the UK and provides private high-quality Mandarin Chinese tuition, both online and face-to-face. To add to which she produces regular YouTube videos that provide short lessons and learning tips to anyone seeking to learn Chinese.

Ling, whose English name is "Katherine", is passionate about Classical Chinese history and culture in particular and loves to share stories from the country's rich long history; some of which she does through her YouTube channel where viewers can learn the history and the language simultaneously through her "听故事学中文" (Learn Chinese with Stories) series. Students and learners can also access additional learning resources related to these videos via her Patreon page.

She is also in the process of writing two books, in addition to recording the accompanying audio, that will contain a wide variety of authentic conversations in Mandarin Chinese (along with English translations) to help Chinese learners expand their vocabulary and practice their listening skills.