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Katie Armstrong

ようこそ! Thank you for sharing my interest in classical Japanese culture. I'll do everything I can to share my insights on prehistoric, pre-modern, and early modern Japanese culture.

I graduated with a degree in Japanese Studies, with a minor in Buddhist studies. One of my passions for several years, and one which I will share with you, is kimono and the flower and willow world of the Kyoto geiko. I'm happy to share my knowledge with anyone who asks (and even sometimes with people who don't ask), so come one, come all!

Other areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) Japanese linguistics, pre-modern Japanese history, Mahayana Buddhism (specifically Chinese and Japanese Buddhism), comparative religion, atheism, music theory and history, Bel Canto, history of science, film, and video game studies. Expect some hubs on these topics in the future, as well!