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Kelly Ann Christensen

Since it appears law enforcement may never do their jobs effectively, with the situation reported to all levels of law enforcement in 2016, four full years in some instance, and currently working on the fifth, but law enforcement has consistently displayed great assistance to the criminals, we are currently working on relocating to a warmer climate, which will nearly have to be a healthier home life than the current caregiving and housekeeping abused slave situation of this winter in order to avoid freezing to death.

Note some details on this site are articulated due exclusively to law enforcements complete and utter refusal to allow same to be reported privately. We are not in the habit of discussing some of these matters, even privately, other than directly with the parties involved, prior to this ongoing situation.

Review of The University of Kansas School of Law, as well as police response of having organized stalking victim involuntarily committed in the State of Kansas, Lenexa Police Department lying and gaslighting, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, and Behavioral Freedom, Topeka, Kansas Reviews, coming soon, God willing, July 2020

Note this account is not accurately reflecting my latest activity for some reason, which is generally daily. Additionally, I keep signing out but returning to find this account already logged into. Someone appears to be logging into this account. Perpetrators and cyberstalkers seek to ruin every area of your life, and in our experience are given as much time and resources as needed to reach their objectives. Nothing on this site should be considered legal, medical or professional advice of any kind. Perpetrators have been trying since the third week of law school to bully, trick, etc., me into issuing legal advice, and for many years online to issue one on one counseling advice. I do not do either. Perpetrators seek not only to prevent me from using my legal education, but to transform it into a burden since in many cases they do not have what it takes to earn it, or are of a diametrically opposed political and/or religious view, among other reasons. Update January 28, 2020: It appears the cyberstalking thieves are about to rip this account off, too. There was hacking activity on the screen, and the option to change the email address which is not generally available on Hubpages. Four years and counting since reported to all levels of law enforcement.

Mother, grandmother, University of Kansas School of Law graduate (prevented from practicing because of being targeted and stalked), author (being prevented from publishing my book/s due to same), while local law enforcement has repeatedly responded to numerous attempts to report these crimes with gaslighting, verbal gymnastics, harassment and otherwise refusing to document the crimes, aid in the prosecution, and actually greatly adding to the burden, consistently aiding the stalker agenda. I protected my children, which includes grandchildren, from sexual predators, but was criminally taken down and out of the way in order for them to divide and conquer us, among other reasons, still not reunited by law enforcement four years after reporting, let alone any justice, restitution, or real opportunity to seek damages, since the criminal side still has not ceased.

While we advocate for justice, restitution and damages for multiple perpetrator stalking victims, we refuse to intentionally mislead anyone. In our recent experience, law enforcement has been the heaviest burden in reporting or aiding in the prosecution of multiple perpetrator stalkers, as well as employing seemingly endless victim-blaming, feigning ignorance, avoidance maneuvers, and even outright perpetration against the victims. Therefore, we advocate for the cleaning out of these police departments who are apparently either unwilling or unable to purge themselves of such law enforcement officers, thereby placing the public and more fit law enforcement officers at great risk.

The Lenexa Police really out did themselves this summer with their lying and phase four gaslighting, but this is hardly the only example by multiple jurisdictions, having notified all levels of law enforcement about the situation in 2016. The entire longterm scheme is intended to destroy the victim, and, if possible, have the victim aid in their own destruction, but at a minimum causing it to appear to be the victim's fault.

Kelly writes on Narcissism: Echo Apologetics on Facebook and around the web. She raises awareness about workplace and school mobbings, as well as multiple perpetrator stalkers. Also included on Narcissism: Echo Apologetics: Nutrition on a Dime, Narcissistic Abuse: Legal Awareness, Untwisted Christian Scripture.

We are currently once again locked out of our Facebook account, including Kelly's longtime personal Facebook page, since April 2019, and the cyberstalkers have once again changed the email address on the account, and Google Consumer has "gone away," as of April 2019, according to the messages on the account, which includes our YouTube Channel, blogs and Google Community of many years.

Our Imgur account has also been manipulated with the usual, removing as many options as possible, manipulating our artwork, etc. However, we are still trying to write on Hubpages around the multiple stalkers and cyberstalking thieves and perverts with all of their activity still completely uninterrupted by any effective law enforcement response.

We are currently locked out of nearly all of our accounts, including Kelly's longterm KC3Lady Yahoo account. This is the way of the stalkers to cause all authentic evidence to be lost or destroyed while manufacturing false "evidence," as well as whittling away at all aspects of the victims' lives, as the months and years of being stalked roll by, as well as my grandchildren's childhoods, my child's youth, the prime earning years of my life.

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February 2, 2020: If this account is also ripped off, remember that you know who we are if you have been following us this nearly last decade. So do not believe the smear campaigns or impersonations. Also know that we are not dead, but will resurface online, and not on a new shiny red apple dot com. The perps have pretty much ruined or diverted all of the income, as they generally do, constructively rendering one a slave or piece of property, this is the fifth source of income ruined or diverted by predators. This one remaining shred of my life has also pretty much been ruined by hackers and cyberstalking thieves, the income diverted while once again not profiting from the fruits of my own labors, rather the thieves profiting from my fruits once again, four years and counting since reporting the situation to all levels of law enforcement. So, still waiting on law enforcement to do their jobs in order to see my children, which includes grandchildren, practice law, write my books, write online without constant hacking, harassment, etc. I intend to leave Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas soon, and, as I stated, will resurface online. Do not believe I am dead if you are told that I am.