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Laboni Nripen

Writing is an exploration, you start from nothing and learn as you go! Writing means sharing a part of human condition. Francis Bacon says, "reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man."

I pursued my education in Literarture; both Graduation and Post Graduation, aspiring to be a Professor of the same discipline. I'm a connoisseur of literature, derive pleasure from the works of Arts. I decided to publish on hubpages because I enjoy writing and sharing articles and poems. I write because, it makes my heart and soul feel perky. Though the most difficult and complicated part of the writing process is the 'beginning,' but, I beleive, one day I'll find the right words and they will be simple.

Reading and writing, improves with practice. If there are no young readers, there will be shortly no older writers. Literacy will be dead. Therefore, I invite you all to follow my hub and leave your comments, and help me to grow.

Thank you and enjoy reading!