I love to make recommendations about movies and books.  Occasionally, I like to write on other topics including politics, mathematics, and programming.

I've just posted my first math hub

Please let me know what you think.  I am planning to keep adding more.

So, far, I've reviewed the following movies:

*The Darjeeling Limited: A Very Beautiful Journey

*Knocked Up: Some Funny Moments For Mature Audiences

*Kung Fu Panda:  A fun family movie

*'Meet the Robinsons: A SciFi Treat for Families

*"My Best Friend" --  Absurd but fun

*"Persepolis":  Sad but well worth it

*Southland Tales: A Flawed Tale with Touches of Genius

*Spiderwick Chronicles:  Too Scary for the Young Ones

*The Tin Man: If you liked the Wizard of Oz, check this out.