I currently reside in Paducah, Kentucky, where I work as a reporter for the Paducah Sun. I received my degree in Comparative Literature from Washington University, St. Louis in 2011. My languages of study were French and Russian.

When I lived in Boston, I met a Nigerian man in a park who told me that all female writers end up working as secretaries. I've never been a secretary, but getting out of school with a degree in Comp. Lit. and a passion for Soviet-era Eastern European films was, admittedly, disheartening, and I certainly considered a life of clerical work. I also struggled along as a copy-editor for a year, never once thinking I might write news stories. I'm still getting over my surprise.

When I am not adjusting to writing journalistic prose, I can usually be found looking into something "artsy." I love literature, movies, visual art, creative writing, language learning and teaching, and travel to unusual places. I also enjoy paper crafts.