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Former government employee turned Tier3 Technical Support Representative, I have a wide array of professional and personal experience on many topics.

I am currently a full time Tier3 Technical Support Representative, and a freelance writer taking side jobs whenever I can fit them into my schedule.  I write mostly on the subjects I am most passionate about; politics, government interference in our daily lives, the supernatural, childrearing, and religion, and technology.  I do ocassionally venture into other subjects, and will research to write on any subject given if compensated well.  I also write poetry and short stories every so often.  

My political and religious beliefs are personal, but since they are the subject of so many of my writings, I discuss them openly with anyone interested in hearing/reading them.  

I do not believe in the "party system" we currently have in the United States of America.  I believe we need to do away with all party affiliations and simply vote for whichever candidate most closely aligns with our beliefs and morals, and has a proven track record of voting in said manner.  I am not a democrat, nor a republican.  I am not an OWS supporter, nor a Tea Party supporter.  I can see merit within each party, but none seem to encompass the full scope of my concerns, beliefs, or morals.  

I am in favor of returning our country to what it was meant to be; a limited government of the People, by the People, and for the People.  I believe big government overstepping their constitutional boundaries is what has caused our country to fall from grace the way it has, and We the People have no one to blame but ourselves for being mindless sheep, simply following the herd and not ever stopping to hold those we elect responsible or accountable.  

I am not a follower of religion.  I love to learn about different religions, but I honestly do not believe in organized religion as I find it does nothing more than drive us as a human race apart.  While I would say I am more of an agnostic bordering on atheism, I will say I am more of a spirtualist than anything.  I love to debate religion, but I do not attempt to push my views onto anyone and expect the same in return.  

My life and work experiences are varied, from being adopted by my maternal grandparents by the age of six-months, to having both of my parents that raised me (maternal grandparents) passing away before I reached my 24th birthday, and having worked in fast food, warehousing, city and county government, managerial positions, law enforcement, customer service, and the adult entertainment industry, my knowledge of vast topics is extensive.  I am also self-taught and a "sufferer" of Fibromyalgia, Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as several other conditions.  Trying to help others with similar conditions is a passion of mine.