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Michael Kamenya

"Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement.” ― Anthony J. D’Angelo

Hey I’m Michael Kamenya, and over the past 2 years this quote has been my everyday affirmation. I believe that us as human beings are not meant to be stagnant and that growth and change is part of our daily lives.

This is the same goal and purpose I try to achieve with my writings here. This type of content is meant to help you grow, improve and achieve that 1% of daily self-improvement.

This is for the person that wants to achieve more in life, be a different man or woman by the end of each year, month or week.

The goal here is to inspire and motivate you to be the man or woman that you had always hoped and wished for.

Of course there is no such thing as overnight improvement or success, I do not promise or guarantee that. I am not a lottery company so I can’t help you there.

If any change is to happen you have to take the first baby steps, like reading. I took the first steps and figured a few things about:

· Health

· Fitness

· Dating

· Personal development

· Books/literature

If any of these are of interest and value to you, you’ll want stick around.

But the bigger question here is whether you will take the first step?

See you there, friend.

-Michael Kamenya