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Marjun Angolluan Canceran

Formerly, a resident of Jeddah, in the oil-rich country of Saudi Arabia, I was one of the millions of overseas Filipinos in search of the so-called "greener pastures"in a foreign land. I graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños with a degree of BS Biology, major in Microbiology.

A father to four beautiful daughters and a pretty, smart wife, I love to write about anything, read and, yes, doing research jobs excite me. I also love public speaking as I am a member of a Toastmaster's Club International.

Being away from loved-ones is quite a struggle. Thanks be to God for giving me a formidable strength to endure. I guess now is the perfect time to utilize the talent He has given me, to inspire and to somehow educate you, my would-be readers.

Should you ever be inspired by what ever I will write, I hope you help me pass it forward to fulfill one of the objectives I had in mind when creating this blog - to be a channel of blessing to many...

Do drop by...