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Meagan Ireland

I am currently twenty-six years old and live in the wonderful state of Maine! It is beautiful, but the winters are harsh and there are no opportunities for those who live here! I just had a baby girl, and I could not love being a Mommy anymore then I already do! I absolutely LOVE every minute I spend with her :)! I love writing because it allows me to sit in a quiet spot and be in my own head for a little while. I love to research things that I do not know anything about and write articles on those topics. It gives me the opportunity to learn things I otherwise would not have known anything about. Many times I will just randomly choose a topic and research it just so I can learn something new. Additionally, it allows me to challenge myself because if I can write about something, I know nothing about, I feel like I have accomplished something.

I am a freelance writer for people who pay me to write articles on specific keywords, and I love it! I had to take a small break because it is impossible to devote the time I need to while caring for a baby! However, I am getting restless and can feel the need to write bubbling inside of me, so I thought I would start adding some more hubs to my profile because that is something I have wanted to do but never had the time! Now I do!

I enjoy seeing people follow me, and I love knowing people are reading my articles, and I hope they have learned what I learned while writing them! I really like hearing from people about my hubs (if they liked it, didn't like it,ect) so if you have the time please comment!

I know that I am far from perfect and welcome creative criticism with open arms. I feel as though if I am making a mistake in my writing that could be fixed please let me know so I can better my skills!

Thanks for reading :)!